I receive description of Oriental medicine experience ◆ curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. how to handle

 When then physical condition puts something in the stomach and intestines, the bowels begin to move immediately, and wind does not stop for a while.

 It was this lecture that proposed in such a state.

 If it did it in now to have gone with carefree paste and thought, reconciliation may have entered.

 However, it is the group which goes for the first time even if I say anything.

 I arrived at a meeting place while having uneasiness what kind of group it would be.
 After all courage is necessary to go for the first time.

 I feel the air which is very calm ... and feel temporarily relieved.

 Because there was a notice to be able to take personal curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc., after the end of a lecture of the first day, I will receive ,“! I thought it to be "and proposed it.

 When I was popular, I felt no effect.
 When went on the second day, why is it; "is great, feel fine"! It was said "by an attendant of some lectures. I did not understand it well then.

 However, two or three days pass,
 I noticed that it "faded away unpleasantness and wind after a meal came out, and to be troubled" and was astonished.

 Was for "this to be terrible", and was ordered concerning the next step; "search keyword at that time found out search, HP of a K teacher of Kanbe in ○○" looked for the person who helped in a hometown, and to go regularly, and started an email of a reservation, and have begun to go".

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