People of description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ circumference

【It is ... to an uncle of a bookstore】

 Is hailed by an uncle of the bookstore which always moved to a return of a company; though did not "come to a shop recently, how did do" it? I get ""! Concerning ", I stand talking for a while.
 It is "had of the stomach and intestines immediately, I do not sleep, too"! "(←It was surely looks to be the street.)

 Various people watched oneself.

【It is ... to an aunt of a dining room】

 The company cafeteria did it with two aunty, but, at the time of meat system, I took small lunch only of a side dish and I took rice and miso soup and ate.

 Someday "eating is pleasure of the life"! "Aunty of a dining room of favorite phrase
It "was hard to do what I was not used to and, concerning the shin", made it with "omelets" at the time of meat system.

 I was taken care of by one of this place very much.
 When I was troubled, a person to save has begun to appear little by little strangely.

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