A description of Oriental medicine / alternative medicine experience ◆ placebo effect

There was able to be the thing that I thought whether you say doubt one more in those days.

 In Western medicine at the time of performance evaluation of medicine
 To remove a placebo effect
 I seem to do an effect judgment with the method that I called a double-blind test.

 What of a placebo effect is bad?
 Thus it is good if cured!

 Well will not there be methodology to manage a placebo effect thoroughly adversely if there is methodology to remove a placebo effect thoroughly somewhere?

 I thought that I was not mysterious somehow in those days even if I met.

 (judging from and some thoughts change again now, after all, principle of modern science)
  It is an opinion of current me that such the element that Western medicine should not affect such a thing should establish a theory as the science that I removed thoroughly.

  Therefore Osaka University hospital seems to have had an alternative therapy outpatient, but think that is not anything else except an escape,; but ...).

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