In about March, 1995 of the next year, is it the first onset?

Probably it is about Sunday of about the end of March of in 1995 that I seem to be the first onset.
I am in the middle of eating the tonkatu lunch which I bought in the place where one go to,

In the lower left abdomen, it explodes suddenly and occurs! !

(it is so an explosion.) It happened to be able to say so.
Something surely spouted out towards the inside from an outside intestinal wall of a body.
There will not be such an experience earlier later either;).

I did it triggered by this, and a chronic stomachache (dull pain), a bloody bowel discharge began.
Mere this time such; have spent it without so thinking.


 A cold is prevalent very much then,
 Besides, in a thing of this time coming in a stomach
 "Your thing will be it, too"

I asked it it and was broken, and it was prescribed the back, medicine and was over.

In fact, when it took a medicine, a symptom was relieved, and it was not to doubt a medical advice.

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