To meet the healer whom description of Oriental medicine experience ◆( extra) is good for; tip

 [I try to do it and how mediate a corrupt supplier] → which reads the back of an advertisement

 Basics of marketing
 * To an appropriate visitor
 * Appropriate article / service
 * It is to offer it at an appropriate method / price.
 When I watch an advertisement, I do not appear as a customer, and there is the thing which I see judging from a viewpoint of a supplier.
 This supplier
 * To any kind of customer
 * Any kind of article / service
 * What kind of method / price are you going to be sold at?
 For example, in the case of a corrupt diet supplier
 * To a woman thinking that corpulence is the cause that one's life does not go well
 * Hope of the life when I made form of a diet article
 * It is high as possible and is going to sell it in the form that is evaded before hope cools down.
 I want to buy a thing from a faithful supplier.

 【It is ... eventually】

 Examining it about a disease and a cure well of course. The last decision tries to ask next question for oneself in the case of me, and yes catches treatment.
The question if "is this person, please."
 This is pulled for about around 1 year and six month from the time to seem to be the onset till it is diagnosed as Crohn disease and comes from experience when, as a result, the diagnosis in the meantime was a wrong diagnosis.
 But I was not angry strangely.
 Rather I thought when helped.
 The reason is because it says that it "will inspect the large intestine though it has a pain in the last, a stomach because it seems to come from the bowels", and it inspected injection into the intestines.
 Because I had you save a toilsome scene before it many times, I put great trust.
 The trust did not shake even if I became this situation.
 A standard whether you can "forgive even if you fail if it is this person" comes from my such experience.
 Yoro hard he seems to have made a remark that I do not "originally have a medical accident", but, judging from my experience, thinks that it is the street.
 (It is clear that there is essence of this problem to distinction.)
 But therefore I think accumulation of basics knowledge from the time to be important on a day.
 If this site and blog can make use of even the ten thousand part, I am very glad.

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