An episode after a description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ discharge

Leave the hospital; and ... that a case occurs in making a special contract hospitalization of the life insurance that change its job, and took out at last request and the time
 Not only money does not readily drop, an investigator of a life insurer seems to want to meet you by all means.

 Because the onset time of Crohn disease fell on the contract time, it seems to have been doubted an unjust contract.
 As for the investigator, the eyes that were severe in a gentle manner were impressive.
But I seem to have had you have a good feeling while can get tired to a human being named me.
 And when, as for the last conclusion that I appeared, I say,
 Though, "in fact, it is what you must not do, explanation with it being called from aunty (it, aunty of the boss) of the insurance by a coffee shop, it is inside document while saying with ..."

I showed .

 Intentional injustice seems to be a thing of the thing which there was not about this matter; want to do it, and pay money of special contract of contract just what about this request

 However, intention is not received about a future contract because I seem to be the only willful negligence that there was not.

 I repay it the total amount of the insurance that had you pay it so far for our (a life insurer) side.

 If need it; though "pay it because cannot but pay it because a part of a special contract is a contract, a future contract is not received". Concerning ", there is not what such a decision watched you, a story though I have already done it in this I industry more than 30 when I can arrive.
 You were very much.
 It was judgment of most employees in an office that this matter was handled concerning rejection.
 I felt the assent thing which did not go in way of speaking of willful negligence, but I judged it when I avoided that I thought from an impression of that investigator and an everyday behavior of aunty, and it was it with an injustice judgment when it was a normal case and received judgment of an insurance company.

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