Mr. description of Oriental medicine experience ◆ K

 By the way, because Mr. this k, technology look and learn it, and it is lack burr policy, teaching is never kindness.
 It is so-called traditional way.
 I say that I do even exercises by oneself afterward just to have shown one time of copybook.

 When this teacher was that kind of way, I was practical and I confirmed it and gave precision to Mr. k in a questionable point little by little on medical examination and treatment day while studying it on a book and a video.

 (the father's side wrote it as a professional fortune-teller before, but the mother's side was a weaver of Nishijin brocade.)
I am a human being of a family I "look and steal" it, and to work as in a を motto of a craftsman style;).

 Physical condition is maintained strangely and meets Mr. H had elaborate lecture in Kyoto in the next year again.
 I became a second private guidance, and it was said that I improved very much in comparison with the past.
 A fruit can "get along"! I am reliable as it is! "And convinced this time were the first time.

 Time goes by without being hospitalized while going to Mr. the k afterward.
 And because I got sick with much effort, I shifted to the one that brought up a body through it and I gathered a book and tape, videos and attended at classes.
 Of course my character to be particular was fundamentally big, but it is ...

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