I meet it with Mr. description of Oriental medicine / alternative medicine experience

I meet it with a teacher.

 The first impression
 Though it seems to be discernibly surely stubborn, it is a normal uncle.

 After explanation of a person street,
 Has not it been "said that a center was bad?" It is with ".

 The result that there was perplexed by for some reason seems to have been given.
 It is listened to the part where thought does not move to,
 "No, there is not that it was said such a thing". "And an answer.
 It is finished in "encouraging" and a thing.

 Then, I give an explanation about a meal from pupil,

 The thing disease that a human body is made of the food which I took being reflection of the eating habits.

 Therefore becoming healthy naturally if I straighten a distortion of appetite becoming sick

 And there be the positive and negative terminals for food.
 Because it is a negative state, I eat positive food, and, at the time of disease, keep the balance.

 A behind-the-scenes pole, thing that case which therefore can stop overall for the time being,, in fact, considerable food not being edible as for the sugar if they say in Yin and Yang.
 (For example, sugar is in bread.) There need not to seem to be equal, the thing that I heard it
  It was continuation of a story.

 It is about the back that I knew that it is Macrobiotic that a method of this appetite medical treatment becomes a good topic now.

 I said "original appetite" at the House of that treatment.
 (It seems to be a system of the instructor whom it preached in the country.)

 The wave motion water which the House of the treatment compounded on that day! I got written booklets such as folk remedies other than と food medical treatment and returned.

 I think a positive rate to have been around 10,000 yen.
 (I remember that I thought when it is a quite good value)

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