Description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ size fever

It explodes in the bowels very much (1995) in about the end of March in 1995! It is severe fever of a little over 40 degrees in this time after の in April containing.

I was born, and I got it, and, no, first more than 40 degrees were hard.

Memory at that time is blown off.

But it is sure only that I am too toilsome, and it was not gone out of a room.
It was a one living in those days, but does not remember how I spent it.

When heat fell to around 38 degrees somehow and goes to a doctor and goes intravenous feeding with that I was able to float, it is frightful and remembers what time suffered from though I walk for an excessive pain of a joint.

A pain of a joint was prolonged very much after heat fell somehow.
I walked to drag a body.

In fact, because it changes its job from March 1 of the year, and it went to a new company, I did not want to be absent too much, but it is ... which it has been absent from for one week.
But being similar recovered somehow around the end of April and thought it to be relief in this.
(Because a bloody bowel discharge is hemorrhoids, do not mind it; spent it that did not mind it.)

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