I think in description of Oriental medicine / alternative medicine experience ◆ Yin and Yang five lines

Originally the House of treatment of here was House of acupuncture moxibustion + Macrobiotic, and it was done it, but took in wave motion treatment afterwards.

 It was always thought out how you were helpful for a patient extremely eagerly.
 But the technical frame was Oriental medicine.

 It is Yin and Yang five lines, but does not understand that I become the basics at all.
 I do not understand it simply.

 I wrote that I got appetite medical treatment and a written booklet of a folk remedy with Earlier Stories and returned, but there was a commentary of the Yin and Yang five natural elements, but there did not understand it at all in those days either.
(I read it over again to write this article now)
  A lot of good things were written and admired;).

 But it is sure that I paid attention to it in those days,

 * Food eats the whole from a bone to skin in a thing.

 * I live on a ratio of a tooth.
  (four teeth that eight teeth eating a front tooth, vegetables eat a cuspid, meat)
   Theory) to say that 16 teeth eating a molar, cereals should live on this ratio

 * The ingredient becomes superabundant, and other symptoms are rather generated if they take it even a health food for a long term.
  I am the same as continuing eating a strange thing, and it is had an unbalanced diet.
  I eat a too many thing and rather disturb physical condition.

 When I look with the more present eyes

 * All of a symptom coming out to a body is diagnosis materials. Judge sickness of any internal organs to be it,
  Basic treatment is possible by adjusting the internal organs.
  (to watch things for total)
   I understood that that theory was necessary now, but was able to never take consideration into it in those days;).

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