A description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ condition improvement

 【Ellen tar】

 When inspection was over, after hospitalization, an exercise to swallow up Ellen tar after about around 1 month began.
 From the nurse whom "a thing of the catfish potato which does not readily come does not have" from the chief physician though is "said when understand a feeling of patient in the training, and drank it, as for there can be it, it is hard"! "Was surprised badly, but is not bad unexpectedly though I am not delicious when I try to drink it.
 I passed and gradually increased quantity with one bag, two bags with a mouth.

 【CRP value → negative】

 And around 2 months passed after hospitalization and inspected confirmation again CRP value of a blood test became negative.

 Does swelling in the bowels really went down? I check unpleasant stricture degree.
 How good is an end-product that a meal seems to be good? I will test it in various ways.
 Dietician came, and a favorite check and assembling of a menu and a meal of a meal began

 【A meal start】

 It begins to rice gruel, and it was to give a stage of rice porridge, but miso soup follows it by discount by mistake for some reason, and it is ...

 Of course "occupied" it! I had concerning ".
 It is ... whether nobody noticed, want to look, appearing do not forget taste of that miso soup throughout the life.
 I "came at last to here"
 I cried.
 By the way, the menu which I made for me then just became clone standard food of this hospital.
 (I heard it from dietician directly.)
 In a dreadful thing, it is it in contents far apart from a thing written in margarine, a book or a pamphlet of the Crohn disease that I called seaweed on bread.
 Among patient of the next "is this hospital all right?" The patient who fell into distrust for "and 1:00 period was broken,; but when tried to "eat, there was not it quite for some reason, and was surprised"! With ".
 (I heard it from the person himself directly.)

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