The words that won through up to a description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ impression

【Words of senior patient Y】

 Age some than me is big men.
 Several times operations are lent.
 I always tell it that I meet with a mysterious tolerant person and roll it up. (←I understand a seat, and get together!)
 His wise remark
 Though it "is not necessary to be afraid of a disease, you must not lick" it


【Words of senior patient T】

 The person who became the same seat in off-line meeting of patient society.
 For a doctor at that time having "chosen a reliable hospital of a nucleus class at the time of choice of the ahead where person I whom I became Crohn disease than me more than ten years, and sent the days of fight against illness was hospitalized because a serious illness House was done by a marmot"
 "Medical care kept can already say so such a thing, I sleep, and, only as for it being it, there was choice in a marmot at the age of me". It is left in an impression very much that it was said ".
 Both words gave power to me very much.

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