... which flows in description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ time

【A poster】

 At the same time, going out permission appears and drifts with physical strength up toward a discharge every day while increasing it with mass of a meal.
 When I was hospitalized, it was season out of a thing of July, but a poster that I "accept a reservation of "New Year's greetings postcard "" on a bulletin board of a stand of a hospital in October is "hospitalized really for a long time" at time

【Wave motion treatment ...】

 Such a case, Mayor of General Administration Division for a visit and "a chairperson worries at all ... ,"
  Thus do wave motion treatment at the House of acupuncture moxibustion that oneself passes, and introduce it by all means, and mostly cannot hit it; do not sleep
   Is it a wave, wave motion treatment? ? ? ? ? ?  I seem to be interesting!
 Anyway, it is mysterious great me who am good, and a heart should move with a son and a grandchild of a fortune-teller.
 This was a beginning of a full-scale encounter with alternative medicine.


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