It is description of Oriental medicine experience ◆, and choosing it?

While thinking that how will,
 With a chairperson of the company where the introducer of the House of this treatment worked at in those days, it is difficult that, besides, he can stop in the situation that goes to the House of the treatment now suddenly.

 But numerical value of the wave motion treatment container largely declined and, at the time of the third, heard explanation of Mr. director, but,

 This criticism on parade of Western medicine,

 Besides, I thought that I cannot follow persuasive power, this which did not let terrible force, presence say at the same time when I gave up.

 Because there was the thought that walked for a teacher of the West medicine that contacted me faithfully together in tandem since hospitalization as for myself, such a way of speaking is terrible; was unpleasant.

 But it is terrible persuasive power.

 If it did it in now, and it intended, it was to have had it necessarily because I had done different approach at the same time. But I do not understand such a thing in those days.

 I was mixed-up, and it floated that it was said here and there whenever I ate whenever I took a medicine and delicately scattered a vector of my heart.

 I took a teacher of West medicine after all.
 I think that surely thank ex-Emperor treatment of this place for its help very much and it is it in now and thinks so that I am raw ahead, and a beginning of Oriental medicine was good utterly.

 There was room of a study enough without should make light of Oriental medicine and had conviction that "Crohn disease was cured" than it from this teacher

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