Is it a hospitalization - operation of the fifth description of Crohn disease fight against illness

 [it is large intestine extraction]

 It is the fifth hospitalization from the first hospitalization by about 3.
 As is expected, examination of an operation began again whether you thought that a doctor was bad.

 Therefore it be elaborate that it was said!
 When it is "expected that I all take it the large intestine, I am necessary, and courage lies down"
  Large intestine extraction!..!
 I "am absolutely unpleasant"! A cry of "(← spirit! ! )!
 If say it to N of the nurse who was a turn of the day accidently; if, "no, do it, is unpleasant"! You should do と declaration of intention. I say to Mr. T, too! A "nurse coming afterwards, a forthcoming nurse "how did become it afterwards?" "

 [it is a judgment by reexamination] ? 】?

 I reexamine and reexamine it on the basis of the result and will say that I give a conclusion after all.
 What kind of hope does a doctor have if operated on to me? I asked it it, and there was it.

Because I am long, I give up having Hyogo Col. Med. which is famous for Crohn disease, an operation of ulcerative colitis in Kansai
 I showed the hope that I wanted to ask for at a hospital of Kyoto if I could do it.
 And it is expected that it is a hospital attached to a thing of Kyoto University, and I send an inspection film of reexamination to a hospital attached to a thing of Kyoto University, and a line will say the inquiry that is operation adaptation.
 And the inspection of fate was decided on a schedule one week later.

 【A late-night mutter】

 Will say inspection one week later; to every night one's large intestine if "do the large intestine, an operation, have a pain in all とんねんて together a little more"! I talked with ". (doubtful ...!) It is too doubtful;)!

 【A result,】

 Is an operation; do it, and will say that do its best by a medical therapy.
 The prayer was common.

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