Description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ hospitalization decision

 I go to introduced Osaka railroad Hospital,
 When I have you examine a photograph of injection into the intestines inspection at a letter of introduction and a medical office

 I decide that I am hospitalized immediately!

 I handled a transfer of work, preparations for hospitalization concerning hospitalization in the meantime one week later and was hospitalized with a problem of a space of a bed to (... to think of) (1996) on July 19 in 1996.

 I suddenly turn worse during the one week.
 Diarrhea does not stop, and the weight decreases sharply to 55kg → 45kg!

 The weight that was 68kg decreased sharply with 45kg in 55kg, a hospitalization case in these approximately 2 years for ten years of 20 generations.

 I thought whether I "cannot but already die" seriously.

 It was the early last moment, sliding that was hospitalized whether it was early to fall down.

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