Description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ moving

The company did Izumiootsu-shi, Osaka, the place where I lived in in those days in a neighborhood of Morinomiya Station in Osaka-shi.
 It took about around 1 hour 10 minutes for commuting time.
 I intended to ease life a little and decided to move near a company.
 From the beginning of April, I acted as several real estate agents of the Izumiootsu station square and watched an article and turned around.
 Therefore is it 6-mat Japanese-style rooms (with a closet) which there is by bicycle from a company to 12-3 minutes, 7-mat odd number Western-style rooms, about around 9 tatamis LDK? I am similar and find an article of rent 68,000 yen (a fee for common service is crowded) on a bus restroom, and be elaborate, and an article older than it contracts with there that there will not be it.
 Naturally there is a cheap reason,; but far-off with a superannuation article of about 20 after a building a little from a station (besides, for foot about 15 minutes, neighborhood Station stops generally); but did it without a problem if did not mind even decoration because interior decoration was remodeled even if said if was old.
 I moved on May 2, but being similar came to considerably have something wrong with a stomach then and would considerably overdo it for the result that was in a condition to have a stomach ache after a meal.
 When it goes to a hospital for a medical examination without it have free GW, and standing, it is line hospitalization decision immediately.
 I will say rehospitalization for half a year.

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