Doubt to description of Oriental medicine / alternative medicine experience ◆ wave motion treatment

It is the wave motion treatment that started from duty as an employee as a wonder size enthusiast and an office worker, but hits it about doubt immediately.

 It is a place of Q and A of the manual which I got later,

 * Is there a mark to be careful to on safekeeping of the water which I had?

 * Please keep transcription water in a refrigerator.
  In addition, please do not put television near a thing giving an electromagnetic wave because I am influenced by magnetism.

 * Is it not good to be influenced by an electromagnetic wave with a train?

 * Because I am unfavorable, please use buses if possible.

 ... to think to have been a help or instructions of such a feeling.

 Thus what I thought of

 Because "a motor surrounded a refrigerator inside, I thought that it was magnetic field itself".
  This is absolutely strange

Thus wave motion treatment was taken up, but naturally lends rag to the book which I read in such a case because an author of negation group writes it.

 But it is a skin resistor, indication, in brief, to be the same as a lie detector if it says in an electric circuit

 I understood so this part deeply.

 Then why did a person cured in this appear?

 Though Western medicine removes a placebo effect in a double-blind test and evaluates it, how about it?
 A critical mind was me who stood up suddenly.

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