Hospitalization of the fourth description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ work


 The work did only office work of degree to cut with all while I repeated hospitalization and release.
 I think that I am fierce, and it was not entrusted seeing from a side of a company.
 Meanwhile, it is moved from sales department by the general affairs department.
 It was driven into the situation that the environment that surrounded a company just changed suddenly in the then company, and must suddenly cut a rudder.
 I would reinforce the general affairs department as the backup, and it was to say that was chosen to me.
 Director of general affairs department looks after me who smolder in sales department; and "give it to a wasteful house"! I negotiated with "and Director of Sales Department and seem to have taken me to the general affairs department.
 (As for what knew it, as for such thing, a reason to know was very not in those days in fact about the back.)

 Therefore what it fell, and was heated
 * A cost cut
 * The ISO9000 acquisition
 It was two problems.
 I assumed office work-related work on oneself with both concerning the project team secretariat.
 Because it was the chance that wiped out oneself who smoldered, for me, I exerted omniscience and omnipotence and have finished doing it.

 Thanks to you, I am internal
 "This matter said a good thing on the coattails of him"! I will have needs assessment having you say ".

 【Hospitalization of the fourth compensation -】

 However, the compensation that I paid was big.
 After all a body screamed.
 In fact, I already fall into inspection of a large intestine camera at a stage of the middle and go to hospital.
 There were not subjective symptoms for the person himself at all, but state ... bleeding from an ulcer is hospitalized immediately and, in a camera, is decided!
 But I am discharged from whether early detection cost so doing it this way in one month!
 It accelerated it more and did my best afterwards.
 A day to be able to ask for 30 degrees even if the age was October very hotly continued.
 Did this give the decisive blow?
 I met and, concerning a limit, already became the fifth hospitalization.


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