An opening of poor description of Crohn disease fight against illness

It is from about spring of (1994) in 1994 that I felt that physical condition became funny clearly.

Blood came to be mixed in mail. In addition, the weight has begun to decrease little by little.

Of course I talked with a doctor. A then medical advice was prescribed a suppository for for "hemorrhoids" and was over.  

The number of times of mail began to increase from about January of (1995) in 1995 of the year after, and a pain of "hemorrhoids" became hard. It decreased to 62kg then to have had the weight of 68kg in about last spring.

I finished being prescription of a suppository after all.

It reached a doctor and became surely better while I used the medicine which had you prescribe it. However, medicine was cut, and it was some repetition that became terrible little by little from in front of when I did it.

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