Description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ was hospitalized, and having thought first

【Having been surprised to be hospitalized】

 It "is very cheerful in spite of all, a sick person" I am hospitalized, and I let you strike a circumference, and to have intended! "Was a shock for me who was convinced that I tried whether I cannot do it whether I could move hard to a limit very much whether you died whether you lived. (←However, it is the belief that is terrible judging from now!)

【A sentence of Director internal medicine】

 Every Wednesday is rounds of a teacher of Director internal medicine, but, by the first rounds, an opening is the first,

 I "endured it well, I sleep, and it is too much of doing its best"! "

 "Your disease says Crohn disease and cannot get over in modern medicine".
  Give up common life, the life in future.
  Do only a thing of the range where there is oneself.
  Otherwise I become wretch

 It was sentenced to と.

 I was not able to react without can understand that I said.

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