To meet the healer whom description of Oriental medicine experience ◆( extra) is good for

 【With a healer having proper approach and ability】

 There is the ability that survived by all means in the cure that survived in the history.
 As life and death affect it, a deception does not work.

 I think that a difference of an arm of a healer is bigger than all medical treatment by experience of my past.
 But even if the medical treatment surely had the ability that survived, it is the other problem whether it is possible for a teacher of at hand in it properly.

 I improved in Oriental medicine as I said in this site.
 This is a fact.

 However, Western medicine is the top overwhelmingly if I say at an average level of a healer.

 This is a fact, too.

 Therefore there is not it because of the Western medicine, and, among the people who read a sentence of this site, the where it seems when there is not that the Western medicine faced it is a reason of a clumsiness of my sentence if.

 I think that it is not dandy to tighten the mainstream.

 【It is ... in a standard of selection of healer last】

 Last to tell the standard of selection of healer

 The that the leader publishing a large quantity of books making a performance good by mass communication avoided TV is safety.
 (When will the famous teacher be treated?)
 As for the leader who professes itself to be fresh air success, the one that I avoided is passable.
 (it is assumed that there was the person who can really do fresh air success, and the person who had such a technology will come out to a list)
 And how may the person who is common to such a person have you treat;)?
 The clothes that the body aspect that a face aspect is bad is bad are improper or I watch a photograph, and the person whom I call it and speak it, and touches it with the healer to be strange, and learned sense of incongruity for appearance and communicative competence of a reservation can stop.
 (Appearance of the person, an action are heart itself of the person as they wrote it in a different item.)

 The rate that surgical operation time has a short (less than 30 minutes) avoids high treatment place.

 Rev. treatment to force treatment of a tool for treatment / appliance complete devotion and the purchase of an article / food avoids it.
 (this is specific medicine thought.) If it is true, a pharmaceutical company makes it a product long ago.
 Because the reason is because it makes a profit. A pharmaceutical company is not a charity organization;).

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