Having been angry to Dr. hospitalization - of the third description of Crohn disease fight against illness

When I bent the left knee then
 "Pan!" ! "And a big sound come to sound and I become uneasy to excessive size of the sound and have a checkup in orthopedics.

 Therefore to the doctor who came out
 "Can I be troubled concretely?" It was said "roughly with all one's might, and feelings of anger spouted out.

 (... that lack of the sentence that is not conveyed well is sad.)
 I cannot "get along with this person"! "Is my impression.
 Return to a sickroom; and from nurse how "?" Is asked with "; to tell the whole story of a thing,
 "That teacher sleeps, and we are troubled, too". But because medical examination and treatment department is different, it is not said and,
  Oh, it was good when not serious! It is with ".
 After all medical care is a benefactor in the meaning that taught that I rubbed it some other time to get along with a patient in tandem with a doctor.
 (... which is not ironical.)

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