I have distrust toward description of Oriental medicine experience ◆ Macrobiotic

I knew that I said with Macrobiotic not only the appetite medical treatment that had you teach it at the House of treatment at that time said original appetite and tried to read a booklet and a book, but,(←Then knowledge such; rub it, and do it.)
 Speaking frankly, I had distrust.

 I heal me. Is a principle of Macrobiotic healing the earth (↑ all things in nature which I can apply to a meal and not only health but also all things in nature? ? )?

 An end,
 108 chemical elements are equivalent to 108 worldly desires of Buddhism. (108 is ...)

  ... which I cannot thrust.

 However, after all it is just practice once.
 Because it recurs, and it is hospitalized, and it stopped it, it is zero persuasive power,

 There were a lot of thinking "indeed".

 (... which does not get off with zero persuasive power.) But because I thought really so, I write it honestly;).

 But because I had impression that I was a tenet too-like, I did not chase it too far.

 After all (there is the feeling that the person who is elaborate to say in this way is unique)
 Seeing from the side, I who write it think so.
 I intend to have matched the sense that I have after all.
 Why did you have such an impression now?
 What kind of hygiene did myself want at a bottom of a heart?
 I understand it well, but is this a limit with then me;)?

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