A description of Oriental medicine experience ◆ encounter

I came to think that the thing which was more traditional than a thing of a person said such a theorist to might be better.

 During such theory system and traditional system, I discover a site of so-called New Age system in such a case if I do it in now and think,

 Whether there is the wind that a manager of the site is careful with a slightly traditional thing and after all goes assent(←However, I am really simplicity, ... I write it, and to think so of utterly.)

 Attack an area for some reason if qigong looks good and search Internet!
 Association of qigong comes out, and it is somewhat looking good ... when it confirms a site

 Therefore guidance of a lecture in January of "ー for school - digest of a heart" is ...

 It is a place of an introduction of lecturer for some reason
 There is a sentence of, for "one week, one step does not go out of a house" feeling that I want to watch and reacts intensely for some reason! (←After all am I strange?)

 Thus this teacher intended to be any kind of person and proposed it decisively.

 This encounter would change my the back greatly, but it was the paste which was really carefree because I did not think that I became such a thing possibly then.

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