A decline of a description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ slight fever / an appetite

Improved once;, however, the poor physical condition meandered.
 It is prescribed going, medicine to a doctor and improves then, but a body is slow again each time when I do it as for one month.

 From about summer of the age (1995), I had been ruined by heat, and an appetite largely declined, and the weight has begun to decrease.

 And a pain different from a pain of bleeding of hemorrhoids came to appear at every evacuation this time in autumn when I thought that heat softened.

 As is expected, when it was that time, I remembered it when "this was not an ordinary case", but I decided not to watch the reality, and the inspection postponed it.

 Second severe fever new year begins, and to exceed 40 degrees in May of (1996) in 1996. A mussiness affected a thin body.
 Since then a state that I seemed to run a slight fever, it was not slept without an ice pillow of around 38 degrees continued every night.

 The abnormality was already clear.

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