It is the chief physician of a description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ beginning

It is Mr. my O of the first chief physician, but I think a person of eyes, a patient of Crohn disease to have been the first time as a physician for two or three years.
 Explanation was polite one, and it was the person who explained it carefully and repeatedly slowly and carefully, but was able to break the evaluation at a patient interval to 2 very much.
 To the patient whom explanation is careful, and reputation was good for a patient of critical disease like me and a patient of an advanced age instar, but is common,
 "That teacher is lengthy, a little!" I started it, and it was said to have got over early even medicine, and reputation was not sweet.
 There is what "catch a human body like a machine" as a bad-mouth of Western medicine well, but I arrest one's body like a machine in patient, and there is the person who is hospitalized as if I have you repair it at all.
 This was big discovery for me.
 How does a person except oneself catch medical care if I try to think well? It was not what to have thought.

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