Description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ inspection, inspection, inspection ...

【Days of inspection】

 I thought that an experienced person understood hospitalization once, but there was only this just to remember it with height, the weight, blood, urine, mail, X-rays, CT kiang (it, twice), an echo, a gastrocamera, small intestine injection into the intestines, large intestine injection into the intestines, a large intestine camera at first in days of inspection for one month.

 Thus a conclusion "the typical Crohn disease - large intestine type."
 (Though it understood it from a beginning, it is ...)【Explanation of the chief physician to a family】

 Therefore a family includes it for me some other time, too, and it is explained a disease than the chief physician.
  Mother : "When will a normal meal come to be possible?" "
 The chief physician: There "is not it throughout the life". "
  Mother : "...."
 Explanation is over and saw mother to an exit of a hospital, but a back figure of mother who took a shock at that time is not yet forgotten.

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