A diagnosis of description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ Crohn disease

【I become hopeless more and more in July of in 1996】

 I became hopeless more and more in July of in 1996.
 I cannot walk unless distance of foot seven or eight minutes takes around 30 minutes in those days from the nearest station, getting off Station to a company from the apartment where I lived in.
 When walk, a left shoulder hit is painful, and 100m cannot change, and take a rest around several minutes, and begin to walk again; did a thing how.
 I thought that I took care of even it by oneself.

 A heart was abnormal before abnormality of a body.


Meanwhile, when I appeal to a doctor for it because I too have a pain in a stomach,
 Judgment of a doctor after palpation because "this is not a stomach, and come from the bowels, will inspect the bowels". I say "and will do injection into the intestines inspection of the bowels.
 Large-scale inspection that this is born and begins it.
 It was already hard for I had done only a blood test or X-rays me till then.

 In a popular inspection organization, I get on a stand simply then, and a patient was a moving way, but when I do it, I do not understand it whether consciousness is the left which is the right as light-headedness either, and "the which I get it, and have ..., chopsticks is right people ..." and the disposal to devise.
 I inspect it and am finished while becoming tired out.
 After some breaks, it is urgently given notice of a test result.

 【A sentence】


 From a doctor
 "Inspection was hard."
 (While watching X-rays)I think that I had so of this when I look.
 Though it cannot be settled unless I do an overhaul, the last seems to be typical Crohn disease.
 Oh, a danger flower is the burn that there is not, a very difficult disease for life unlike cancer.
 Besides, terrible urgent treatment is considerably necessary.
 But treatment is impossible here because there is not a hospitalization institution.
 Please come on next Saturday. It is just then and looks for a hospital.
 If there is some hope about a hospital, please say. "
Is it Crohn disease? ? ? ? ?

 I was pleased with "... which was not in danger of life, ... ... saved first of all".

 (if it said in second guessing, I would pull it from poor first physical condition about 1 year and six month, and it was a wrong diagnosis I can ask it it.
 But myself did not think so. Rather I thought that I was saved;).

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