which tests that I put a tube from a description of Crohn disease fight against illness ◆ nose and inject Ellen tar

The Ellen tar was an oral chisel at the time of the first hospitalization, but I did that I can enter at a nose in a tube then and inject Ellen tar, but it is reeled a head on the third day,
 I have been downed.
 I will say that I see you off for the time being after all.
 If do it in now, and intend; that,
 I think that I may have been deceived by Halcion.
 A then tube was very big, and sense of incongruity was big.
 (there was thickness of udon, and a wire entered inside.)
  Entered and performed it from a nose to an area of the lower part of a stomach and tied it with the state that the wire was in with the bottle which I outran a wire, and Ellen tar - nutritional supplement - entered.
  I did it without a pump in those days;).
 It was not slept at night unless I used it with a sleeping drug.
 The sleeping drug was Halcion.
 A lower area of the middle of the forehead swelled up and, on a nose, won an ice pack all day.

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