An encounter with description of Oriental medicine experience ◆ wave motion treatment

I touched it in a description of experience,
 A chairperson of the company where I worked at worried about me in those days and introduced the House of treatment visited a hospital for treatment of oneself.

 When the story was given, I do not yet perform it directly at the House of treatment because I was hospitalized.

 Thus if it says as for the contents, it is ... wave motion treatment.

 Is it a wave, wave motion treatment? ? ? ?

 It is too doubtful.

 But great I who was good who was doubtful have got that I seemed to "be interesting".
 Of course (there is a viewpoint as an office worker, too.) ←Indecent ...).

 When the person himself cannot go directly, it is with OK with hair. ←More and more doubtful ...

 Thus the example that cured Crohn disease in a pamphlet (approximately a little over 100 pages this is A4, things) which got appears, and a chairperson reads this page; "is that?" Already look at the medical certificate which attached to a notice for "and thought, my long vacation once; and "introduced" it! I seem to have thought with ".

 I got the booklet, too,; but "Crohn disease is cured"

 If I do it in now and intend,
 Is said to a doctor that "this disease is never cured"; and for me who thought it to be the street this; "Crohn disease is cured, think that it was a big paradigm shift to say".

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