Dr. hospitalization - new face of the fifth description of Crohn disease fight against illness

 Dr. new face arrived as sub in this hospitalization.

 By the way, it is conversation with the chief physician and new face when the new face installed a pipe of first IVH.
  IVH: If it hitches it up, and it says, it is the intravenous feeding which it can enter, and do a direct pipe in a vein from collarbone side area.

  When I put a pipe, I do partial anesthesia around the collarbone.

 From "that, did you practice" it? Say and do not do ""
 I "sulk with a person without a way, and try it first of all"! "(Do you do it in time?)
 I work and start and come to a deadlock on the way as expected and change it with the chief physician and am finished.
 After a nurse came and did postprocessing, but it was already late, and having seen a one side bloody scene when I said when I have "had better watch" it.
 It "is late"! I already looked. But did it loudly; lie; it "is no use in being a new face"! "" is so! "Is so in world of any place!

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